Apple Honey Chipotle Sausage

  • 1  lb  pork sausage
  • 1/3  cup  Kozlowski Farms Apple & Honey Roasted Chipotle Grilling Sauce
Pre-heat oven to 225 degrees.

Form sausage into 8 round patties. In an oven-proof skillet, cook sausage patties over medium heat. Remove sausage from skillet when done and browned on both sides. Wash skillet and return to heat. Add Kozlowski Farms Apple & Honey Chipotle Grilling Sauce to skillet. Return sausage to skillet and coat sausage on both sides with Kozlowski Farms Apple & Honey Chipotle Grilling Sauce.

Put skillet in pre-heated oven until sausages are ready to serve.

Serving suggestion: Arrange with our Scrambled Eggs & Five Pepper Preserves and our Apple Butter English Muffins on plate with your choice of fresh fruits and serve. See Recipe Library for recipes.

Serves 4