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The Kozlowski Farms property is located in Sonoma County within the El Molino Land Grant and the Russian River Valley grape-growing appellation. Sonoma County is a part of the unique history of California and it's time governed by Mexican General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo.

In 1838 the Mexican government appointed Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo it's Comandante-General of California. As the Comandante-General, he was also the director of colonization of land north of San Francisco and was authorized to issue grants of land to settlers. General Vallejo provided land-grants to members of his family and the territory that became known as "El Molino Rancho" passed to General Vallejo's sister Encarnacion and her husband Captain John Rogers. Captain Rogers built the state's first power sawmill, which gave the area it's name "El Molino which is Spanish for "The Mill". The North Pacific Railroad soon connected nearby Forestville to the booming San Francisco Bay Area and the train tracks were located at the western edge of the property.

Pictured here, the Shingle Style Kozlowski family home, built circa 1910,
has become a popular subject for painters and photographers.