Wine - Russian River Valley

Wine - Russian River Valley

Russian River Valley Pinot Noir Wine from the Kozlowski Family.

Our Farm is situated inside the El Molino Rancho Land Grant in historical Sonoma County. The exceptional property's location also places it in the Russian River Valley appellation and within the Green Valley of Russian River Valley appellation - one of the world's most celebrated regions for premium wine grape vineyards.

With pedigree like this, we recognized that a portion of the property would be devoted to growing pinot noir wine grapes. In the spring of 1999, we planted the notoriously finicky, but definitively delicious grape variety. Our land has rich, sandy loam soil, termed Goldridge by Luthur Burbank* at his Gold Ridge Farm in nearby Sebastopol. The famous soil, combined with a climate of warm days and cool nights, proved ideal for the cultivation of the smooth and seductive pinot noir grapes. Our founder, Carmen Kozlowski, named her new vineyard: "Kozlowski Family Vineyard - Condado de Sonoma".

Though Carmen was eager to plant her vineyard, she could not bear to part with the beloved apple trees that were planted along the entrance to the farm. In keeping with the history of the area and her own personal history, she could not forget the years she spent in Sebastopol as a farmer's daughter then as a farmer's wife. Carmen retained a sprinkling of her beloved organic apples for Kozlowski Farms visitors to enjoy and to make her famous Gravenstein Apple Pies.

Each year, we bottle a very precious 90 cases of Pinot Noir Wine from our grapes. The wine is produced by Carmen's granddaughter and grandson-in-law, Tracy and Joe Dutton at Sebastopol Vineyards / Dutton Estate Winery. Tracy and Joe Dutton (Carmen's eldest granddaughter) work to craft exceptional wines of complexity and vineyard character. We sell our wines online and at Kozlowski Farms retail store.

*Over a century ago Luthur Burbank said of Sonoma County: "I firmly believe, from what I have seen, that this is the chosen spot of all this earth as far as nature is concerned." Luther Burbank (1849 -1926) .

Wine can ONLY be shipped to California.

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